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Avid 9900-65143-12 Fast Track USB PT/SE Audio Interface?

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3rd Feb 2018

Reagarging CPU, you should be able to stream. People have been streaming IRL’s through thier phones for couple of years with no problem. see eg Twitch.com/EXBC. For gaming you will require GPU and high CPU, for streaming only, i3 should be ok I guess.

Regarding audio, it would be good if you had all your input audio as one. Use USB audio interferece mixer that has 2 inputs(for mic{buy condensor} and guitar) and send those 2 signals as 1 input through USB. Use your ‘headphone with mic’ just for headphone purpose only(mic sucks). Use the condensor mic connected to the UBS audio mixer interface as your primary talking device. This way you have all your input audio as one. And from OBS or whatever software you are using to stream, choose audio input through USB as your audio input. You will usually get software and drivers with USB audio interface to change echo and for other settings.

This is what i used to use for gaming(not streaming) where I used to ocassional sing in during game. Its got a Head phone jack too https://www.amazon.com/Avid-9900-65143-12-Track-Audio-Interface/dp/B005CTJMF8/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1517700714&sr=8-18&keywords=M+AUDIO+USB . There are better products than this for few dollars more. search out M-audio usb.