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Ausdom M06 Lightweight Stereo Wired Wireless Bluetooth EDR Over Ear Headphones Deep Bass with Built-in Mic for Music Streaming Hands-Free Calling Headset?

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31st Jul 2017

Budget – $100

Source – 3.5mm (and Bluetooth hopefully)

Requirements for Isolation – No requirements, not usually in loud environments

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? yes

Preferred Type of Headphone – Over ear headphones

Preferred tonal balance – Neutral

Past headphones – At home: Kingston HyperX Cloud II for gaming, music, etc. Portable: some cheap Sony earbuds.

Preferred Music – Electronic, EDM

I’m looking for something portable. Preferably I want to be able to listen to music from my phone with Bluetooth, but other times use 3.5mm to connect to my laptop or Switch. I see that Bluetooth is pretty lossy though, so maybe I could do without that.

I tried my best to do research and ended up on some Ausdom M06 which I knew were going to be a little more bass-y, thought it would be fine, nope. So I’m increasing my budget to around $100 and I’m looking for something nicer that can replace these.

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1st Aug 2016

I did a bit of research, and I like these Ausdom M06’s I bought earlier this year. You can run them tethered with any Male-Male 1/8″ audio cord, so if the batteries die at a bad time, they’re still useful.

They recharge fast, they last all day, they sound pretty damned good.

> Does the saying ‘poor man shouldn’t buy cheap clothes’ apply to this?

Somewhat. Over-buying isn’t going to help much with things that have an integrated rechargeable battery; and the Bluetooth spec advances, so obsolescence is an issue as well. Going cheap is a bad idea, but buying for a 10-year product probably isn’t worth it either.

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2nd Oct 2016

I asked this question couple of days before, and these Ausdom headphones were recommended to me, but after I looked into it I found couple of other possible options for me. I’m not particularly looking for some audiophile-level sound quality, just some Bluetooth-headphones that are enjoyable to a normal human and wearable to the gym.

So these are the ones I have been looking at:

Picun P6

Ausdom M06

Bluedio T2S

They all have great reviews on Amazon, but I’m just thinking if they are worth buying.

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30th Jun 2017
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31st Aug 2015

BUDGET: around $50
[US] I need help to decide between these two headphones. I looked at reviews and they both have good reviews for the price. Cant seem to find which has a slight edge. I just want to listen to the music during workouts, running and just casual while traveling, etc and sometimes while gaming. (i do have wired headphones for gaming)
Preferred Music : Rock, SoftRock, Metal, Classical, Rap, Hiphop, Orchestra, electronics, international,etc (JUST NO COUNTRY)
Ausdom M06
Photive BTH3
Geega Super….
Ausdom M08

This is my first wireless headphone so i wanted to buy a budgeted under $50 headphone. If there are better ones for the price please recommend.