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August SE50 Speaker Boombox Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Speaker Bookshelf Speaker with FM Radio Built in,2x15W Speaker,Wood?

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27th Oct 2015

Sometimes I like to listen to music while in bed, and recently I’ve been looking for a nice set of speakers to put on my nightstand. The catch is I want it to have a clock, and not look like crap. Sounds easy right? I DON’T need a radio or alarm feature, all I care about is an illuminated clock. Most of the clock radios I’ve looked at don’t seem to emphasize sound quality. I don’t need bluetooth, but it must at least have an aux input. I would also consider a nice phone dock (for a Galaxy S6) which I could then use a clock app on my phone. My priorities would be sound quality, illuminated clock, and looks nice. Looking to spend under $100

The closest thing I’ve found is the August SE50 which ticks all the boxes except the clock, which apparently only works when you have an input selected, and only shows military time. So that’s out.
I also like this Sangean, but it’s only for iPhones and is a little more than I’d like to spend.
Currently I’m leaning towards this one but would love some more recommendations.