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Audiolab Portable Headphone Amplifier Audio Powered USB DAC Headphone Amp for Phone (Android,USB-C Port)?

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19th Jul 2019

Most USB-C DACs available in Amazon are either scams or just gimmicks, <strong>this is one</strong> of the very few that actually works as intended, and best of all, it comes from a well known brand in audio devices.

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24th Aug 2021

I bought one of these usb-c DACs for mobile phones/tablets. Works fine on my phone but it makes my laptop freeze. Any potential fix or should I just rule out using it with my laptop completely?

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9th Aug 2018

I upgraded my Vive Pro stock headphones yesterday. The audio on the Vive Pro is the weakest link for this headset. It takes away from the VR experience … ruins it is more accurate. Anyway, having recently found out that I can mod the headset using my own USB-C amp and earphones, I purchased an Audiolab USB-C DAC/Amplifier from Amazon here. As an audiophile enthusiast, I never skimp out on decent audio. This DAC/AMP resolves at 24bit/192kHz and plays Hi-Res audio. Plenty enough for this particular VR mod. (tbo, this mod is gonna rock yo’ world once you hear the difference in audio quality from the stock headphones…)

I then followed these directions to remove the stock headphones and add in the USB-C DAC/AMP. It was super easy to do. Good on you, Vive engineers. Just be sure to have a very small Phillips-head screwdriver to do this. Something like this will work.

After plugging in the USB-C DAC/AMP and replacing the inserts and foam on the headset, I then routed the available USB-C cabling to the top of the headset and velcro-mounted the actual USB-C DAC/AMP onto it. That way it wasn’t hanging off the side awkwardly. Having it mounted also allowed me to connect any pair of headphones quickly and easily from the top of the headset.

So there’s a couple of things this mod does for Vive Pro users. First, it completely fixes the audio issues. Not only that, you are also upgrading the audio quality by leaps and bounds. If you have a decent pair of headphones or earphones, the audio will completely blow you away and the overall audio experience truly becomes VR immersive. The main problem with the stock headphones was that it didn’t seal well over the ears, it was bulky and awkward, it sounded tinny and thin, and worst of all it ruined the overall VR experience for me. It was like watching an amazing 4k movie at the theater, but the audio is being played through a tin can from the far corner of the room.

The other issue this audio mod resolves is the heaviness of the Vive Pro headset. By removing the bulky/heavy stock headphones, you are able to now use a light pair of earbuds (if you decide not to use full size headphones, of course). I always prefer earbuds for lengthy audio sessions, and this compliments the Vive Pro headset perfectly.

In the end, you have a much lighter headset that is a lot more comfortable, and of course the freaking amazing audio quality that truly draws you into the VR experience. Having done this mod, I can now say that the Vive Pro headset is perfect for me.