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Audioengine HD3 Wireless Speaker | Desktop Monitor Speakers | Home Music System aptX HD Bluetooth, 60W Powered Bookshelf Stereo Speakers, AUX Audio, USB, RCA Inputs/Outputs, 24-bit DAC (Walnut)?

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24th Sep 2018

Cheers again.

I am not located in Spain, but amazon.es never charges me the delivery and other amazons sometimes do. I think that amazon.de won’t charge the delivery of your speakers, but I am not sure.

Regarding the colors, my girlfriend likes the walnut… We compromised… and it has to be walnut. ��

Walnut – 482€
Red – 332€
Black – 396€
I don’t understand this price differences

Black, red – 299€
Walnut – 299€ (but the picture is from another model, which is a bit tricky for me…)

It is not easy to buy your products in Europe ��

Once again, awesome customer support. Cheers!

PS: can you assure that those are the walnut hd3? https://www.amazon.de/Audioengine-HD3-WAL-Powered-Wireless-Tischlautsprecher/dp/B01MFD7N5T