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Audioengine A5 Powered Multimedia Speaker System (Black)?

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11th Dec 2011

Of course you need a power cable…there are 2.0 systems that will give you decent sound, however.

  • Audioengine A5 have great sound quality.

  • Audioengine A2 have good quality as well for a smaller price.

  • Bose Companion 20 are good for bass and Bose have great customer support from my experiences, but you can get a lot more for that kind of money (such as the A2 i posted above and maybe an amp)

  • And the T40 Series II aren’t too bad, not real great either, but not bad.

And none of these have sub-woofers. [The Audioengine have the option to add a sub-woofer though]

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9th Feb 2012

You could get crazy and look for DACs, amps, and speakers. If you want simple, audioengine powered speakers get great reviews. A2’s for around $200, and you might still have a little bit left for an inexpensive USB DAC which you might find used, or on ebay. A5’s would hit your price point with nothing left.