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Audio-Technica ATH-W1000Z Audiophile Closed-Back Dynamic Wooden High-Resolution Audio Headphones Brown?

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12th Apr 2017

Fostex TH-X00

  • They’re are v-shaped with one of the best low end in headphones.

  • The soundstage are very narrow but imaging are decent.

  • Since it has narrow soundstage, they’re very detailed.

  • Comfort are very subjective in this pair. Lots of people find the pads are uncomfortable but personally I think they are great in comfort.

  • Isolation are quiet bad since it’s a semi-open set of cans.

Audio Tehnica ATH-A1000z

  • They are neutral but with a slight bump on the low end and highs.

  • Soundstage aren’t the bass but sound imaging and stereo seperation are great.

  • They have one of the best highs I’ve heard.

  • And again comfort on this are very subjective. The pads are great but lots of people dislike the “3d wings” suspension system.

  • There are also they wood version <strong>ATH-W1000Z</strong> but I’ve never tried it before.

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