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Audio Technica ATH-ON303 BK | Portable Headphones (Japan Import)?

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14th Apr 2016

I found these while searching for light weight on-ear headphones. Amazon

Light Weight – I was looking for very light weight headphones with a thin headband. My initial thought was to look for something like the 80s style Sony Walkman headphones, the ones with the metal band. These headphones fit the bill at 55g, you basically can’t even tell they’re on your head. The weight savings makes a huge difference when you’ve already got a bunch of stuff on your head. The cord on these is also pretty thin and of a manageable length, however, it does connect to both speakers directly, which isn’t ideal but not too bad.

On-ear – I had always preferred over-ear headphones, but the built-in on-ear solution seemed to be working out quite well for the Oculus Rift, so I started to investigate on-ear options. I think there are a few advantages on-ear vs over-ear when using a HMD: size, weight and comfort. I had been using Audio Technica ATH-M50’s (unfortunately I have to ones with the very heavy and large coil wire), which I found to be too bulky and uncomfortable with the HMD on. Being over-ear, they also sat on top of the headband partially, which wasn’t ideal. I also think on-ear headphones are better for demoing as there is less noise isolation.

Anyway, I’d highly recommend these if you’ve been searching for headphones or have been using the provided earbuds for convenience. For $25 dollars headphones, they sound pretty damn good.