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Audient iD14 High Performance USB Audio Interface?

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1st Jan 2019

Return the preamp, toss the rocksmith cable, and buy a real interface like the Audient iD14.


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3rd Mar 2017

Personally, I don’t know a better alternative than the ART Voice Channel that gives greater control over a voice input at this price. If others know about one, feel free to share. Saw people recommending the Apollo Twin MkII, which is indeed a great audio interface that can do digital signal processing via plugins, it also starts at $900 without plugins for the dual core version and $1300 for the quad core version.

A controversial pro-con for the ART Voice Channel could be that it uses tube amplifiers inside, which after 2-5 years of use can fail and need to be changed, it is a simple procedure and anybody that knows how to put a PC together can do it. Anybody can order tubes online.

Option 1:

  • Get and use the ART Voice Channel for the mic, hook it up to the PC as it is via USB. Keep the piano going through your current mixer (or just plug it into the PC), and the PS4 and gaming PC through the digital input.

Option 2:

  • Get the ART Voice Channel and hook the mic in through that. Don’t plug it into the PC, use it as a standalone mic preamp, compressor, de-esser etc.

  • Get an audio interface, and consolidate/hook everything up through that. A modern high quality interface option that would suit your needs would be the Audient iD14. ( Official site ) It came out in 2015 and has amazing reviews. It has 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs:

  • One for the processed MIC line that will come out from the ART Voice Channel.

  • Second for the piano (or a second mic for guests?)

  • It has digital input on the back so you can plug in the PS4, PC.

  • It has software routing options so you can create a separate cue mix with only the digital-in(PS4, gaming PC)+ piano+playback from the streaming PC and use the headphone jack on the interface to listen to it.

  • It has high quality analog-digital/digital-analog converters and high quality preamps and is well built over all. Also has a stable modern software for the PC.

Feel free to add suggestions.