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Audient Audio Interface (iD22)?

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4th Apr 2017

whoa dude…. so much has changed. your reference are from 1985 (just kidding). I love old stuff, but I love new stuff more. The RME literature for the UFX says (or maybe it was an RME guy in a video, I think) that their usb actually works better than the firewire. The UFX has both usb and firewire.

Nothing to be scared of with current gear, multichannel and usb.

> swear by it and I would love to get a MOTU

Yes I have totally un-sweared MOTU, like the Uncola. Not for me. When I am searching gear, I go deep and look at about 20 different pieces before making a decision. It is nice when it starts to focus toward that good thing. There is some unbelievable deals out there on second hand UFX if you can spend a little over $1k for a monster Swiss-army-knife unit. Otherwise, you can probably find one of these for about $400. and it reviews better than what is shown on the link. That unit would give you a multiplier of better sound than your current rig. There is so much great stuff out there.