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29th Jan 2019

When I was deciding on headphones, I really wanted open back, planar magnetic headphones. I decided on Audeze LCD-2. Then, I heard about the monoprice m1060 headphones. If you look at both of those links, you might be saying “those look very similar” and that’s right. They do. But that’s not all.

I looked around for some comparisons. It seems that they are very similar. That receiver says that the monoprice have 85% of the sound quality of the Audeze, but if you read some of the comments, it seems other people disagree. There are people that think the monoprice are better than the Audeze. This reviewer states that the monoprice headphones are the same to him as the Audeze (“Again, it’s obviously not a $1000 headphone but it’s close to the LCD-2 sound signature for $300”). In this other post, they say “It’s already pretty damn close to the LCD-2 in stock form, and that’s a $1k MSRP headphone” and then they go on to say “based on the FR graphs I’ve seen I can imagine that it’s almost an exact clone in terms of sound sig”, and then again (when discussing the Audeze), “How do they sound? Like stock M1060 , but with all of the weird issues and peaky mids/highs ironed out.”

What am I getting at here? You asked if the extra $500 will be good for you. And I’m here to tell you what you don’t want to hear. It depends. I ended up with the monoprice headphones, because for an extra $700ish, having something slightly different wasn’t really worth it to me. If it’s worth it to you, go ahead. But it seems as though the point of diminishing returns comes up rather quickly.

Also, r/headphoneadvice can help a bit more.