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Auawak Rapoo V100 Multi-Media Programmable 16-Million-Color Smart Backlit LED Pro E-Sport Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo for Laptops Desktops PC?

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10th Nov 2016

I’m not sure because I don’t know much about keyboards, but mine is pretty sweet. 🙂 It’s the Rapoo V100.

No ghosting, got a numpad, a button to turn it off/on, volume and mute button as well as other multimedia keys (open browser, open itunes, etc.). It also lights up in a billion colors and you can control the lighting mode and brightness with buttons on the keyboard as well. You can also lock the windows key on the keyboard so you won’t hit it by accident and get tabbed out of games all the time. It’s supposedly spill-proof as well (it has survived some soup so far) and when I tried it out in the store, I felt it was the most comfortable one (this is highly subjective, of course, but I bought it before I wrote my bachelor thesis to have keyboard that would make long writing sessions nicer). No macro keys, though, because I hate hitting them by accident.

The downside is that the software hasn’t fully been translated from Chinese/got some bugs, so I’m not sure how to do some things there. I’ve had the keyboard for two years by now and love it, though. It comes in a set with a mouse. Both save your settings, so you can just plug it into other computers and play right away, and you can apply different settings to different games.

I got the set for 39€ in a store in Germany, but sadly it’s more expensive on Amazon (both the German and the American one). 🙁 But check it out if you don’t mind the buggy software. It seems Rapoo also has several white rainbow ones (different model and more expensive). 🙂


Rainbow one: