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Auawak Rapoo KX 5G Wireless Programmable Smart Backlit LED Mechanical Keyboard With 1.5mm Trigger Stroke MX Yellow Switches for Laptops Desktops PC – White?

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21st Mar 2016

It does exist!!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NITL8B0/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_Uxc8wbW660868

I’ve had this on my amazon wish list for a while, but I have too many boards, so I never bothered to buy it. Hope you don’t mind wireless though!

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14th Aug 2016

According to a review on Amazon
“Yellow switches are linear (feel kind of like Cherry MX Blacks) so while it is mechanical, and still feels great, don’t expect the tactile click/clack of Blues or even Browns.”


Some more information

The Rapoo KX originally came with Kaihua switches that use Cherry MX mount and are yellow. Initially they were branded as PG1511[1], then later as Kailh[2]. On Amazon.com online store the title for Rapoo KX page was: “Rapoo KX 5G Multimedia Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With Smart Backlight LED and 2mm Trigger Stroke Original Factory MX Yellow Switches for Laptops Desktops PC”. In some circles the switch is also known as “Kaihua homemade switch”. The feel and performance is in between Kaihua (Kailh) Red and Black switches, but closer to Kaihua Red switches.

In most recent revisions (circa June 2015), the Rapoo KX has been equipped with Rapoo’s own Cherry MX lookalike switch from an unknown OEM[3]. These switches are distinct from all currently known switches produced by other Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturers such as Kaihua and Gateron. The Rapoo KX is currently only available in the yellow colored variant (linear), while Rapoo has announced that a variety of linear, tactile, and clicky switches from the same family are available.


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3rd Mar 2016

Check out this Rapoo KX one: http://www.amazon.com/Rapoo-Wireless-Programmable-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B00NITL8B0

this is how it looks like on my gf’s desk: http://imgur.com/SguGqHf

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24th May 2015

There’s this one on ebay, but I think it’s using an older arabic layout.

I bought it for the novelty when I was in the US.

There is this small form factor mechanical keyboard which you can find in Al Ain computer plaza at hyper X. I paid about 310 for it, but I think you can haggle them down for more. Asking price was like 330/340.

I love the keyboard. It uses yellow switches, which are knock off black switches. Takes a a bit of use to break in all the keys but once it does break in it’s smooth as butter.