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ATEN 2-Port USB 2.0 Cable-Built-in KVM Switch CS22U?

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27th Jul 2016

I’ve got a similar situation to yours, so I bought this one just the other day.

(I didn’t buy it on Amazon though. Locally, it was the cheaper choice.)

Tested it today, there’s a slight delay after pressing the button, but it works. Although I should say, I’ve only applied it to Windows so far, since I don’t have Linux running yet. I don’t imagine this is a very complicated piece of technology, though, so it probably works.

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6th Feb 2015

You’ll need a 2-port KVM Switch such as this one.

Allows you to share Keyboard, Video and Mouse (hence KVM) between two PC’s, but you can just use the Keyboard and Mouse connections without using the Video switch if you need to.