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Asymmetrical Cube 8-shelf Bookcase Cappuccino?

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3rd May 2020

The bookcase was purchased from Amazon and it was a huge pain to get one that arrived undamaged (4-5 orders as I recall)


It took almost a month and I had to get good parts from several different boxes to make one that wasn’t damaged. We had one already, but we were matching it on the other side of the hearth. The shelves are mirrors of each other.

I wired it with two LED light kits from Ikea and the frosted glass light on top; the wiring is run through a central switch on the back. All the wiring is hidden on the back side of the shelves.

Plants are from Home Depot or Ikea

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18th May 2016

I use this shelf for my collection. It holds a decent amount of books too (shelf is full now, this pic is about a year old).