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ASTARTH Lift Top Coffee Table, Industrial Wood Storage Shelf Cabinet for Living Room Reception Room Office, Pop-Up Storage, Open Shelf Rising Center/End Table for Living Room Reception (Rustic Brown)?

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21st Jul 2021

So I agree with the other person if you were referring to that total price for the chair itself. But if you only had $200 for the whole setup, here’s my recommendation if you’re in the US: Go to Staples, go to the back, try some chairs and desks out. I got a short standing desk and a very tall chair that work perfectly together there for like $125 total when I first needed a desk at home.

That bring said, you could go for something like this desk and then something like this chair..

I can’t vouch for either personally, and honestly it’s hard for me to recommend a chair because I keep buying cheap and being disappointed. However I can recommend: buy full mesh, it really allows your ass to define the seat rather than the seat defining your ass.