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Ascent Accessory for Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard?

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27th May 2017

Ignore the mess and potato pic quality. Made these with some 2x4s, a miter saw, and some liquid nails, then stained and varnished. Nothing super fancy, but goes well with the datamancer case. Attached with double sided tape. Very solid, no wobble or anything.

There are some 3d printed tenting solutions out there for the infinity. They should work fine as well. It’s really just about how much work you wanna put into it.

I also found these on amazon, but they are super expensive.

The main thing you want is weight and stability. You don’t want them moving around while you type, trust me. I experimented with a lot of different macguyverish solutions and any wobble whatsoever is very noticeable and messes with you so bad.

After that, then focus on the angle you want.