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Arzum Okka OK001W 120V Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine, White/Copper (Gold)?

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14th Mar 2019

I just bought one of these (link to Amazon). It is basically a fully automatic Turkish coffee maker other than it has no grinder. Add the coffee and sugar and spice (if you so choose), fill reservoir and select cup size and brew strength (time). It adds water, heats, and dispenses into your cups on its own. It even has a self cleaning cycle and a removable drip tray. During the brew cycle it stirs the mix using a removable spinning disc that is controlled magnetically.


I chose this because I am living in an RV for the next year.. maybe more, and do not have the room for any espresso machine I would like to own. e did have the older Bekko Turkish machine and often enjoyed a Turkish coffee on the weekends as a special treat.