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ArtMuseKitsMikash Kirkland Signature Stainless Steel TriPly Clad Cookware Set 13 Piece?

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15th Feb 2019

Ooooh yes I can totally relate, I’ve purchased a few tri-ply/clad pans recently in the UK and been doing some research.

Procook do the elite tri ply range

Ikea do the Sensuell range

A bunch of restaurant supply stores (e.g Nisbets) do the Vogue TriWall range

The range have some triply stuff but most of it is non-stick apart from some of the saucepans

There’s a Kirkland (Costco) set on Amazon here. Maybe pop into your local Costco if you have one and see if they have similar.

I personally have a Vogue 20cm saucepan, a small Paderno saucepan, a 28cm frying pan that I nabbed secondhand from a brand called Linea and a secondhand saucepan from a brand called Ciroa. I haven’t had them for all that long but they’ve all been working great.