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Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder?

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26th Jul 2015

*Start with basic bodyweight training (pushup,chinup,pullup,bodyweight squat)
*Follow this book(you may find pdf)
book! .After reading this book you will know what to do

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24th Sep 2015

Again, try not to focus on the “how”. Just have the mentality “I’m gunna fucking do it” and trust your natural inclination at that point. For example, I’m writing a novel about zen masters. I think about the project all the time. So I just keep doing things. Everything I do is part of the novel. I had urges earlier, so I got on reddit and I was just like, I’m gunna hook up as many people as possible. What am I doing? I’m refining my own understanding of the techniques I practice. I can literally cut and paste this shit and put it into my book. I’m NEVER not evolving my project. Everything I do is part of it.

Specifically for the gym, a GREAT example is the book “Autobiography of a Bodybuilder” by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I highly suggest reading that, it’ll give you a very clear picture of what I mean. It’s $3.97 on Amazon.


Arnold literally invented new workout routines to reach the highest level, and after he did that, he started working on the posing. He trained with ballerinas for gods sake. You have to be IN IT, make it your whole fucking life. The reason it’s good to start with tiny goals is to get yourself into feeling like “I can do it.” You have to believe you can do it, which means you have to do SOMETHING, RIGHT NOW. Thinking “ok, but how” is telling your subconscious “I can’t do it.” This is the origin of the famous Yoda quote, “DO OR DO NOT. There is no try.” The subconscious only understands “I’m fucking doing this” or “I can’t do it.” There is zero middle ground.

1 pushup. A 5 minute walk. A jog. Google where the gym is. Call the gym. Be obsessed with getting in the gym. You should be willing to walk there with no other option even if it takes 3 hours each way. You make it your identity. “I am a fitness fanatic.” Or whatever sounds good to you. Arnold said, I want to be the BEST. Mohommed Ali said, “I AM THE GREATEST.” And Ali said, I said that long before I was the greatest, and long before I believed it. But you make that shift in your identity right away, and you do something right now to make it true. You just start the ball rolling and once it gains momentum it becomes unstoppable. You become unstoppable.