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26th May 2016

Hey! I’m the same age as you and also had trouble with dark spots from acne scars and I spent a lot of time on Amazon and online looking for a product that might help with my issue but all of the products I saw either A. Had sponsored reviews (and nobody likes those) B. Were way too expensive C. Expensive but didn’t seem to really wow people who used it. And I thought all hope was lost and that I’d have to deal with the spots forever or just wait years until they completely fade.

So I decided to go to my local TJMAXX/Home Goods/Marshall’s stores and search for just a basic vitamin C serum, or any serum that was similar to vitamin C that claimed to reduce dark spots, that wouldn’t break the bank and was also a good brand, not some sketchy random brand. I found a good sized bottle of serum for USD$5.99 at a TJMAXX and I Googled the name before I bought it and did some quick research on my phone to make sure I wasn’t about to buy some weird brand.

I barely used a quarter of this serum and one of the most annoying dark spots on my face had already began to fade dramatically. This serum is extremely mild and there is no fragrance and is in no way harsh on the skin at all. It’s on sale on Amazon with Prime shipping for just $13.99. Even though I got it for $5.99 I would suggest you get this because it’s worth it and much cheaper than all of the other brands out there. If you decide to get this and need instructions on how to properly use this just let me know!