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Aquach Pour Over Coffee Maker Set with Extra Large Coffee Dripper, 28 oz Glass Carafe, Stainlesss Steel Coffee Scoop and Bamboo Storage Tray, Unique Set for Home or Office?

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2nd May 2021

Hi all – I recently got into making my own coffee and am a complete newbie. I have this pourover set with a metal cone filter, and I use Starbucks Caffe Verona (medium grind size). The first 2-3 times I used the set, the brew time was great, ~4 minutes for a full cup. I let the coffee “bloom” for 45 secs and continue pouring a few times until I get the amount I want.

However, after those first few times, I noticed that any pour after the initial one takes far too long. It now requires 15 minutes for a full cup, and I’ve only been using the set for 2 weeks.

I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong. I thought it might be the grind size being too fine, because I originally bought pre-ground Caffe Verona from the store, so I went to a Starbucks and had them grind a bag of beans on the medium setting. Went home – turns out the store-bought grind was also medium all along, and the freshly ground coffee filtered super slowly too.

I also checked if the problem is my metal filter. I rinsed it thoroughly and wiped it down, but it doesn’t really seem to help either. I tested it by just running water through with no coffee – when the water level is high, it goes fast, but the less water there is in the filter, the slower it gets.

Can the experts here help me understand how to fix this? Thank you!