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Apple Bluetooth (Trackpad and Keyboard)?

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4th Jun 2021

Why spend $1500 needlessly ?

Run your Air as the compute to an inexpensive big-enough 1080p monitor. I’ve run my 2012 Air that way for (wow) almost 9 years now. Never undock it unless I’m traveling.

Apple keyboard/trackpad is $149 at Amazon and you can get a 1080p monitor for easily $125 or so (less if you pick up one used). Add the required cable+adaptor if needed for maybe $50 more and you’re out of there in the $325 ballpark. Run the Air til it dies.

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8th Sep 2017

Do you mean the Trackpad? I googled troughpad and didn’t come up with anything. I see there is a trackpad2 now from Apple as well.

I had considered this combo, but it’s a bit pricey and I wasn’t sure the cases that combined them would be much good use for the couch, etc. But I love the action on a max kb no doubt about it’s quality!

This is the set you are referring to?

I’ve really wanted to pull the trigger on this Matias KB. It has everything I want minus the trackpad in place of the Num pad.