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Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun Portable Electric Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Drill, Hand Held Cordless Design, Full Body Pain Relief Recovery Stimulator, Carry Case Included?

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20th Sep 2020

Well … I spent all my money on the Peloton.

Lmao, kidding but not really.

I chose the Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun on Amazon for $90. The attachments are a tad different but it includes the carrying case you have to purchase with the others, and so far I love it. I haven’t tried the premium brands so I can’t give much of the comparison Apollo Kinetics . I wanted to see if its something I’d like before I spent that chunk of change.

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25th Jul 2020

Also check out this kinetics massage gun if your muscles get real tight and won’t release, this gun will pound it TF out. My dog looooves it on his hips