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ApexDesk AX71-WHITE Elite Series W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Memory Controller, 71″ Top, Off White Frame)?

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2nd Aug 2020

I don’t see the brand mention here much, but I bought an Apex Elite (71") from Costco three months ago when they were selling it with the cable tray for $600+tax. I find the wobble tolerable. I use it standing at 44″ and don’t notice any at all when I type (and I really pound the keyboard). I do see the monitor wobble a quite a bit, though, when I lower it from standing down to sitting height. It’s possible there would be a lot less if I took my printer off one side and my desktop case off the other.

I think some people probably expect zero wobble, that any at all is unacceptable. I accept that there’s going to be some, since it’s not a commercial or corner model. (My commercial sit/stand desk at work is a corner model and has absolutely ZERO wobble, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the desk cost $2000.)