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Aottop Travel Pillow │Orthopedic and Ergonomic Neck Support Pillows │Memory Foam | Thermo-regulating Pillowcase│Pillow/Neck Cushion for Travel by car Plane or Train│40 x 25 x 10 cm?

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7th Sep 2020

I use a memory foam pillow, this one in particular. (Yeah, it’s a tiny travel pillow, but I liked it so much after buying it for that purpose that I bought another one for use at home). I find it quite comfortable and just the right height and firmness. I’m a side sleeper as well, and used to get neck pains from normal pillows (they’d either be too flat and my head would tilt down, or too full and it’d tilt up), but haven’t had hardly any in the few years I’ve been using this one. (Incidentally, it’s also great for traveling as well; squishes down nice and small to fit in even a small suitcase…)