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17th Mar 2016

Congratulations on the wedding! I have actually just wrapped up the same project for my step-moms 50th birthday! I went a slightly different route, instead of a mouse, I used a keyboard. Instead of that done switch I used an Easy button. Instead of sparkbooth I used dslrPhotoBooth.
My plan is the same as your, press button trigger system.

I used a keyboard just like this:

I dont know the exact model. It was one I had lying around, it was also black. Point is the chip inside was small. Took the keyboard apart, grabbed a sharpie and on the top layer of the keyboard “circuit” traced from the space bar button back to the top, then moved to the bottom layer and did the same thing.

This is the button I used:
The global edition has some electronics in it, about half of you will throw away and the rest you will “modify”. Basically, take it apart, take out the speaker, take out the batteries. The buttons are on the side of the selector in the middle, I soldered to one side with (two wires, then I cut the traces to the rest of the circuit (leaving the traces connecting the two buttons together).
I then soldered the two wires to the traces on the keyboard that matched the space bar.
I had to cut the traces, if you dont, you will be feeding +5v from the keyboard circuit back into the easy button circuit and you will get weird results.

When you put it all back together make sure you line up the button with the selector, that adds to the “button” feel so I left it in there. I was able to fit the keyboard PCB where the speaker was after I filed out some of the plastic for the battery compartment. Then I used my soldering iron to melt a hole/slot in the side and started to reassemble the button.

Software: Nothing fancy here, software is decent, does what I want/need. Is triggered off the space bar (if your software is triggered off a different button just trace that button from the keyboard, hopefully it can be triggered from the keyboard, the mouse might require the pointer to be on a certain spot.) Also there is a decent ipad app that will allow for people to see the photos and send them to themselves if they want that plus the print. I believe you can even to facebook uploads if you have setup a page for your wedding, I have only tested the email portion.

I know I didn’t directly answer your question but I hope that it helps in some way.

I will post a picture tonight of the final thing. I thought I had one on my phone, guess not.