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ANSI Costar Stabilizers Anodized Aluminum Positioning Board Plate Support for GH60 60% Keyboard DIY (Black)?

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2nd Jun 2021

I think this is true. I’ve heard the GK61 plate is also a little large for other cases. Any other universal 60% case, compatible with GH60 or similar, that supports plate-mounted stabs should do. KBDFans also sells their own plates, but a quick Amazon search turned up this plate, which might be what you’re looking for. I would do my own shopping, though.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck!

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31st Jul 2018

Plate mount stab supporting plates are one layout so an easy tell is if the plate supports iso and ansi enter it wont support plate mount stabs. Here is an example of a plate mount plate https://www.amazon.com/Stabilizers-Anodized-Aluminum-Positioning-Keyboard/dp/B06XKY583Z

They are not as common as universal IME.

I don’t know of any plates that support the gk64 layout and plate mount stabs. You could try to source a gk61 which has a traditional ansi layout and then use a ansi plate that supports plate mount stabs (much more common layout). This would allow you to use the gk61 in a 5 degree case.

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10th Jan 2021

will this pcb work with this case and and this plate? I was originally gonna get the one up hotswappable pcb with ansi layout but it sold out. 🙁

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29th Nov 2020

Will the bm60 poker pcb work with this link