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ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Blue Switch/Black Case) – Full Keys Programmable – True RGB Backlit – Tap Arrow Keys – Double Shot PBT Keycaps – NKRO – 1900mAh Battery?

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5th Oct 2020

This is definitely the lowest I’ve seen this keyboard in a while, especially on Amazon (though it is often around this on BangGood…but YMMV there). It also looks like a few of the other case colors and switch options are also on sale (though not as deeply).

QMK is also mostly supported on this board if you’re feeling adventurous


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8th Aug 2020

Anne Pro II! Link

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10th May 2020

I am in the US and got it from Amazon

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18th Oct 2019

I have 2 keyboard that are really solid with all of the things you are asking for both are the same price and are really solid it just depends on your preference

1.ANNE PRO 2 it’s 60% and i seen only good things about it


2.Cooler Master CK530 also really solid the main difference is this is a ten keyless