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Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat For all Surfaces including Plush Carpets, 36 x 48-Inch, Alhambra?

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24th Apr 2021

Basic Info:

Product name: Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat, 36 x 48-Inch, Alhambra


  • Available in two thicknesses: 1/4-Inch is recommended for hard surfaces and commercial carpet, 1/2-Inch is recommended for all surfaces including plush carpet
  • Easy rolling: chair casters roll effortlessly and smoothly over the tightly woven polyester rug surface
  • Hardcore performance: mid-layer made from Phthalate-free PVC provides sturdy and durable support
  • Stays in place: non-skid felt backing features rubberized dots that are non-marking and help keep the mat in place on any floor type including hard surfaces and carpet
  • Alhambra: black floral print

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