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Ameriwood Home Dakota Space Saving L Desk with Hutch Espresso/Rustic Medium Oak?

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5th May 2018

I agree that hutches are great. I tend to use it as a gaming storage station for portable consoles, as well as trinkets, and where I put a drawing tablet away when not in use. It actually helps keep my smaller L desk clear without causing extra clutter.

Cubbies are out of the question at least where I live. And I’ve been looking at a similar desk to mine for the other half’s setup since the one I have was long ago discontinued.

So far I’ve found this one on Amazon that looks like it has ample storage, but worried about durability. We’re looking at someone over 6ft tall who throws weight around.

Both of us seem to like the styling on this one from Ikea but don’t want to drive that far for a desk, not to mention having to borrow a vehicle. We can’t get things delivered of that size to our home.

But it sounds like the general trend is to get away from hutches. Even online it’s hard to find a decent L-shaped desk that has a hutch. Maybe finding a desk that is sturdy enough to add a hutch may be a good idea.