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AMBER Ball Wide Mouth Jars 32 oz Cold Brew Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Filter and Wide Mouth Storage Lids, DIY Home and Work Brewing Equipment for Single Cup or Concentrated Infusion?

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21st Jul 2020

Back when I was a freshman in the dorms, I would just use the free hot water in the dining hall and a french press. SUPER convenient for breakfast. Takes me back. Makes great consistent coffee if you do it right.

Also you have fridge which means Cold Brew is on the table. All you need is a small jar and filter set like this. Coarse grind, 1lb coffee to 1 gallon water ratio, 16-18 hours. Mix finished coffee syrup (keeps up to 2 weeks in fridge) half chilled water for Americano, or half Milk for au Lait. Delicious. Recommend the Brazil Canarinho at the local Colectivo, or if you can make the bus ride: Crescendo’s nitro brew grounds. Note: anything that’s darker roast will be cardboard-y. Avoid Starbucks like the plague.

Finally, you can just take your drip in and as long as you don’t leave it in plain site or make a fuss the RAs won’t care. Everyone on my floor my freshman year was stashing weed and hard liquor in their rooms.