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Amazon Elements Vitamin D2 2000 IU, Vegan, 65 Capsules, Supports Strong Bones and Immune Health, 2 month supply (Packaging may vary)?

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23rd May 2021

You may not want to order from Amazon (totally get it) but I’ve been happy with setting up their vegan D2 (yeast derived) on Subscribe and Save so that I don’t run out. It’s whatever the Amazon house brand is — https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01L081FN6/

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21st Jun 2020

Vitamin D3 makes me literally insane with anxiety. I’ve tested it dozens of times, each time with the exact same insane anxiety effect.

So, recently I tried D2, and no apparent negative reaction. You seem to even react to that.

On amazon.com you can get plant based D2 made from yeast and D2 made from mushrooms.

Yeast: https://smile.amazon.com/Amazon-Elements-Vitamin-Capsules-supply/dp/B01L081FN6/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=D2+vegan&qid=1592777867&sr=8-5

Mushrooms: https://smile.amazon.com/Mushroom-Supplements-Supplement-Vitamins-Softgels/dp/B07ZC7QXFN/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=mushroom+d2&qid=1592777884&sr=8-3

Perhaps one or the other might work for your body chemistry.

And if neither, then just get outside in the sun.

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13th Jun 2020

This is the one I use: https://smile.amazon.com/Amazon-Elements-Vitamin-Capsules-supply/dp/B01L081FN6/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=D2&qid=1592007509&sr=8-3

But, I am switching to this one:


The reason why is the first is made of yeast, which some people react to. The second is from mushrooms.

But, read the first review on the mushroom D2!

“I took D3 for years, many different brands. Somehow, after numerous health issues over the years I developed a major sensitivity to D3. Still to this day, anytime I take more than 1000iu I have a crazy gallbladder attack. I’ve tried to go easy on or even fast for months from D3 for three years (which is incredibly difficult for a 200lb, 6’2” male who lives in the extremely dark Willamette Valley), but that hasn’t seem to help my sensitivity. Anytime I begin to take more than 1000iu = gallbladder attack, every time.

I also found out via 23andMe Health Testing that I have a combo of SNPs including VDRtaq which can make people genetically sensitive to D3. Also read research saying it could be an allergy/sensitivity to sheep’s wool.

REGARDLESS, to amend the issue I first began putting 2000iu total of topical D3 on the bottoms of my feet and in my armpits. That seemed to work fairly well but it’s hard to dose that the quantities I need without spending an arm and a leg. I was also getting a tad bit of sensitivity in my liver/gallbladder region still.


I’ve been taking 5000iu of Organic Mushroom D2 for a week or two now, and I have had ZERO ISSUES!!! It doesn’t seem to have the potency or immediate efficacy of D3, which makes sense since you have to digest it, but it is for sure giving me a nice balanced boost of energy. PRAISE GOD, I can survive and thrive through the dark rainy season again!”