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Amazon Basics Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones – Black?

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8th Jun 2021

‘Over the ear’ headphones, like these, should do the job.

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27th Oct 2019

Amazon is probably your best bet for both. It’ll probably be tough to find headphones similar to her base skin, however the headphones from her retro skin are pretty easy, just need some paint for the details.

As far as the jacket goes I’d suggest looking at men’s jackets. I’d go for a trench coat just for the overall length, and especially since her coat is oversized. You’ll probably have to modify it no matter what but it’s far easier to take away material than add it for getting the right fit and length. You may also check your local second hand stores if you don’t want to deal with amazon for the jacket.

Men’s trench coats already sorted for blues

Lots of rain coats in there too but has more long coats that just a search for trench coats.

One option for headphones, no logo and are over-ear.

Cheaper and on-ear, no logo

White Square similar color ear pads to base skin

If those aren’t to you liking here are links to the searches.

White on-ear headphones

White over-ear

Black on-ear

Black over-ear