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Amazon Basics Micro Bluetooth Speaker – Black?

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30th Jun 2017

Amazon Basics, ~$13-$20, depending on color. Link

I agree with the others, it’s a rude move to play if you can be heard by anyone else, but this one is light, ~4oz, and rechargeable.

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18th Oct 2015

I’ve got pretty much the same rig. I probably carry too much but I’ve got an Osprey Raptor and I maybe pack a pound or two more then I need but I’ve got the space so it doesn’t really bother me. Outside of Tostilocos list I also have a small adjustable wrench, a small thing of electrical tape and a few zip-ties in there (because I read you should have them 😉

I also carry a Hero Kit Crash Pack First Aid Kit.

When I’m alone in the woods I have this Amazon Basics, Utra-Portable Speaker and I play tunes while I’m on the trail from my phone. If I’m out all day I have a small backup battery.

The other day I misjudged the time of day and was out after dark unprepared and had to take a regular road back to my car, I was on a black bike with dark clothes on an unlit road with very little edge and freaking out a car would come up behind me and not see me. (There was almost no shoulder walking the bike would have been almost as bad and extended my time on the road 5x) anyway because of this I’m getting these little knog lights and throwing them in my pack in case I get stuck in the dark again.

Food, I like Kind Bars…