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1st Sep 2020

Mine healed VERY poorly. After about 8 months I went back to my piercer and got some good advice. I bolted the most important parts.

They sold me some of this soap. In the shower I would tilt my head to the side so my daith was facing up. I’d let it get wet. Then I’d pour some soap in my hand and lather it up. Next I would gently rub the soap on and around the daith with my fingers. I’d then let my soapy hand fill up with water so it was mostly water with a lil soap, and rub that in as well. Then you let it sit for 30 seconds. I’d put in conditioner or shave my armpits or whatever while waiting. Then rinse.

When you get out of the shower, blow-dry your ear!!! For like 60-90 seconds. Using a hairdryer got it dry without snagging or rubbing the way fabric or cotton swabs would.

Repeat every couple of days.

Also, I got a pillow like this so I could still sleep on my side, because I did feel some pressure/pain sleeping on the daith.

With all that, all my irritation and grossness cleared up within honestly like a couple weeks!!

Now I just use the soap every month or so, and I don’t need the pillow anymore. I also can use earbuds now!!!

Hope this helps and good luck 🙂