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22nd Feb 2017

Initial post

Most important things to note here are dumping all the flags, the paddles, the Fatheads, and organizing the cables. I also pushed the bed leftward so it’s a bit more off-center now, but the nightstand is usable — before it was far from the bed and I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an awkward occasion when a female companion went reaching for something on the nightstand before realizing it was not accessible from the bed. That said, now it feels like there’s awkward space on the RIGHT side of the bed. Maybe time for a plant?

Here’s what I’m planning on doing next.

  • New sheets are here tomorrow. Got a set in white and gingham.
  • Ideally purchasing a new comforter next week. Looking at this one in gray.
  • Cleaning up the magazine mess on the dresser – I bought a magazine rack for above-the-toilet for the most recent issues of the ones I subscribe to, but going to basically read and purge all of these over the next few weeks.

And ideally after that my next steps are putting things on the wall. There’s a Gainesville print you can see in the above photos that I’m hoping to get framed and put up in the near future. Other pieces I’m considering:

One final thing: It’s probably hard to see but on the dresser, there’s a record from a local house band (Granny and the Boys) and a coffee-table style book about the 9:30 Club here in DC. Would love to find a way to spotlight them in whatever redesign of the room I do.