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Amazon Basics High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Computer Desk Chair – Black (6ft)?

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28th May 2021

Do you think it’s worth the upgrade if I have chronic low back pain? I’ve been using an Amazon basics leather office chair since 2017 with no complaints other than lack of headrest and extra lumbar support. Otherwise it’s cozy, but I always end up sitting on one of my feet. Anyone feel free to chime in.

Uses are school for around 4 hours, streaming for 2.

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2nd Oct 2021

it’s something like this position of the pedals is not a problem for me cuz i found Ideal position for them, but I’m most afraid that my chair will be sliding back

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28th Jul 2021

I’ve had the Amazon Basics Highback Executive office chair for the last year and been pretty pleased with it. It’s very well padded and sturdy, especially for the price. I will say, though, the back does not adjust and for us mega talls (I’m 6’5), I wish the back was taller or had a headrest.

But, for a budget option, it’s pretty solid!