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Amazon Basics Gaming Keyboard?

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14th Dec 2019

Is actually Amazon Basics Mechanical keyboard.

You can find it here

10/10 definitely recommend, both it and the mouse work great for me. Love the feel and the light settings.

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10th Jul 2018

I personally like mechanical, it feels smoother with each thing I type, and has actual force behind it. But a lot of it is feeling and build quality, your best bet would be to test some out yourself.

Amazon just released their new membrane keyboard that people seem to enjoy.

This one is pretty good if you don’t mind louder blue switches

But for quality red switch keyboard (one of the most common for games) you’ll be spending a good bit more. The most competitive edge you’ll get is usually the mechanicals won’t ghost as often and will give you instant feedback rather than needing to bottom out.

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18th Jun 2019

Amazon Basic (with RGB) I have it and never had an issue here

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22nd Nov 2018

Meh. Touché. “Mechanical feel” I guess.

All the loud clacking without the price tag.

AmazonBasics Gaming Keyboard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073VS6WNZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TLU9Bb77HFV0E