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Amazon Basics Adjustable High-Back Mesh Chair with Flip-up Arms and Head Rest – Grey?

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21st Feb 2020

Preemptively, the bottle in the background is my girlfriend’s melatonin. We don’t live together, she just stays over a lot and wants to live together after my lease is up. We’ve been dating for over a year, and when my lease is over, it’s going to be almost 2 years. the desk is some chinesium crap that is actually really good for under $100. The chair is also probably chinesium crap, but it’s the Amazon basics chair featured by Louis Rossmann in "141 W 27th st Anthony 😁" l, link to product here, so it’s also pretty good. No, I don’t live in new York, I’m just passionate about right to repair, board repair, something that rhymes with repair, and software freedom. Yes, I over research anything and everything when drunk, but I was a fan of Louis Rossmann ever since I came across him around the 2018 debacle about the 2018 imac pro when he was mentioned in an ltt video. Yea I’m a huge tech guy that has a computer science degree but no programming job. Yea, I’m available as a freelancer programmer but I’m also considering registering as a DBA and calling myself the lead programmer. PM with app ideas, I promise I’ll be mostly sober when writing code, also I leave really good documentation so you have options when you want to do a revision. I freely expose a lot about myself when drunk