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Alpha Skin Care Essential Renewal Cream | Anti-Aging Formula | 10% Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) | Reduces the Appearance of Lines & Wrinkles | For Normal to Dry Skin | 2 Oz?

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10th Oct 2016

So I am starting to use the Alpha Hydroxy Acid cream that I have this one, and I have a serum with hyaluronic acid in it link. I also have their cleanser, and the post shave lotion, with their sunscreen facial moisturizer for instance in which I use the alpha hydroxy acid cream. I am needing advice, I cleanse, shave, apply the hyaluronic acid, and moisturize every morning and every night, but I am wanting to know if I am doing everything right, I am seeing my face getting smoother but the redness is still there (something that is supposed to be eliminated by the hyaluronic acid serum almost over two months ago), I also would have loved to see all my loose skin go away and never come back, but then I haven’t been using the alpha hydroxy acid every time, more like once every 2 weeks (I was told not to use it every day because of my super sensitive skin). What order would you say I should use these things, and should I get rid of some of them or am I okay on the products I have been using.

I was thinking of etting one of Alpha’s other AHA products that is not stored in a jar This one, since I heard that having it in a bottle is better than having it in a jar since having it in a jar exposes it to the air which then ruins some of the ingredients, I am apprehensive about it though since it has a higher concentration of Glycholic Acid (12% compared to 10%). What do you guys think?