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Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash – 6 fl oz?

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16th Dec 2015

If you mean face wash, I like this.

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24th Oct 2015

Yea I used a gentle cleanser from Alpha Hydrox along with Cerave moisturizer and some almond oil.

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13th Feb 2011

I took accutane for two six month cycles. I can’t remember my dosage, but the second course was stronger than the first. My skin looked great until about 6 months after the cycle was over, then my acne would come back. I’ve got my acne under control now, if anyone is curious, I’ll tell you my harrowing process of trial and error.

Anyways, the point I’m getting at is that a lot of my current acne is caused by dry skin (whether it’s from accutane or not, I don’t know), and I have become pretty adept at handling my dry skin. Here are my strong recommendations for you.

Alpha hydrox foaming face wash

Is a very good exfoliator. I use it in the morning when I shower. I use a nickel-quarter sized amount and rinse it off after 20 seconds of application (any more and it irritates my skin and exfoliates too much). This will be much less irritating than exfoliating with a face wash.

Aveeno ultra calming moiturizer

I use this as soon as I dry off when I’m out of the shower. It may seem pricy, but one bottle lasts me around three months.

That’s all I do, and I have really bad dry skin. I used to wash my face and moisturize twice a day, but I’ve found that just doing it in the morning works just as well and is less irritating.


  • Only wash your face once a day. Also, avoid hot water (I take cold showers in Ohio, you can too), hot water drys your skin out.

  • When drying off, dab your face dry with a towel, don’t rub.

  • Moisturize while your face is still moist after you’ve dried off

  • Don’t use too much moisturizer, your skin can only absorb so much, the rest will just sit on top and irritate.

  • Alpha hydrox foaming face wash

  • Aveeno ultra calming moiturizer

If you take my advice, please let me know how it works for you.