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All Natural Advice Retinol Serum with Hyaluronic Acid | Canadian Made | Moisturizing Hydrator, Dark Spot Corrector with Anti-Aging Support | Natural Skin Repair | 2.5% Retinol | Double Size 50 ml?

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21st Jan 2021

Hi! I have two topics/questions I’d love help with!

1) I recently started using a retinoid serum (this one, no idea if it’s any good) and my skin is flaring up. I have done some reading and I know purging is normal, but this isn’t so much breakouts as it is just really dry, irritated, almost swollen feeling, TEXTURED. I’ve only been using it twice a week to ease in. Should I keep going? Does this sound like a normal reaction that will go away with time?

2) I have a gift card for Sephora and I’d love to use it on skin care – any recommendations?? I am pretty basic and am only just getting into skincare seriously (at 29 years old, eeek!). Right now I use an Aveeno cleanser, the retinol, and a Cetaphil moisturizer. I have also tried this BHA product in an attempt to help with sebaceous filaments on my nose but noticed no difference.

Any help/tips/recommendations are more than welcome, thank you!!