Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Lightweight Flannel Robe, Soft Cotton, Small Navy Blue Red White Plaid (A0707Q38SM)?

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10th Dec 2020

Robes! I have about 10-12 robes of every persuasion and they always make me feel luxurious and sexy for every temperature. For example, I’ve got a men’s flannel plaid robe that always makes me feel like I had to throw my lover’s dressing gown on to grab room service. Or a cream silk robe that, paired with a velvet hairwrap and a martini, make me feel like a 40’s film star about to murder her rival. Or a giant plush cheetah print robe that screams mid 2000’s divorcee about to have a breakdown at her chalet.

As others have said, nothing is hotter than matching underwear or matching PJs. Pair it with a robe you are on your way to Sexy Time, Population: You.