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ALASKA BEAR Sleep Mask 3D X Large Deep Eyecups for Sensitive Eyes, Big Nose and Long Lashes, Best Contoured Eye Mask for Back Sleeping w Earplugs, Pitch Black?

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3rd Mar 2019

Solo core night tech for two years here. For me it’s routine, routine, routine that keeps me working and also sane. Within my cycles I get off my shift around 730 AM and sleeping by noon. Wake up around four hours or so later (no alarm), try to do some sort of workout for a half-hour, eat, then go back to bed until about nine-thirty (with alarm) and get ready to go to work. When I’m off my cycle I’m prepping food so that I don’t have to think about what my meal’s going to be when I’m working (I’m used to eating the same thing for a few days).

Two things that helped me sleep were blackout curtains and also an eyemask. Sometimes I’d use the two in combo, but the latter was necessary because my room was hot AF and the curtains had to be open or I’ll fry. If you go to get one, find one that really works for you. I think I bought a half-dozen from Amazon until I hit one that actually worked for me: Here’s the one that worked for me.