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AKG Pro Audio K77 Channel Studio Headphones?

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13th Oct 2018

They’re only $99? Sweet. Now I know what to get when my current pair breaks down. I’m using AKG K77 Perception right now…Decent for $40, and they’ve lasted me about 8 years with literally no indication of wear. There are shortcomings, but they’re definitely worth money.

edit: LOL! Two pair of K77s on Amazon for $216.

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12th Aug 2015

If you can keep a pair of Beats on your head doing the same then yeah I would..

AKG K77 for £25 for your kid brother looks like a good bet

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24th Jan 2016

A wireless controller is all I use, that’s it. No wireless headphones, speakers or any of that. I don’t need them for anything, they’re unreliable and I don’t want to be unable to listen to music because my headphones ran out of juice.

My wired headphones for music cost $30 and my wired headphones for gaming cost $98. Good, solid headphones in both cases and I am not about to get anymore extra weight on those because they’re wireless and have batteries. Getting the same quality brand wireless headphones would cost a fortune and I am not about to pay that kind of money simply because I’d need them for my phone. Yes, I use my gaming headphones just on one device but I use them every single day for 4-5 hours. And that kind of usage with wireless headphones? I’d have them plugged in for charging quite a lot. And whenever I’m not my computer, I have my headphones on because I’m listening to music. Another 6-7 hours every day. No point in going wireless, I’d be charging those all the time as well.

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16th Apr 2010

I absolutely love my AKGs.

I started with AKG44s and have moved up to a pair of AKG K77s. The sound quality is obviously not as good as Grado SR60’s but the comfort MORE than makes up for it. I have fallen asleep a couple of times with these on my ears. They can also produce very loud sound while retaining accuracy.

You can see/buy them here:


Easily the best value in this entire thread.

EDIT: Cheaper here: http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?LH_BIN=1&_trkparms=65%253A12%257C66%253A2%257C39%253A1%257C72%253A2972&_nkw=akg+k77&_sticky=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_sop=15&_sc=1