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AKG Noise Cancelling Headphones N60NC Wireless Bluetooth – Black – GP-N060HAHCAAA?

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20th Dec 2018

These are out of your price range but I am so happy with them I wanted to spread the word.


Around Xmas they were down to about $135, which was a freaking steal.

When I got them they were $225 and I still had no complaints.

Great sound quality and noise cancelling. However, for a super active workout, they certainly won’t stay put like earbuds.

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21st Jun 2021

This isn’t a Prime Day deal, but it is a deal, though it is a bit over your budget. I absolutely love The AKG N60NC Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. They sound great, the noice cancellation works very well, you can use a cable if needed, and they are also comfortable to wear for long periods. (If they don’t feel great, loosen the headband… easy to think you need it tight at first.)


The price varies a lot but $125 is about an all-time low. I bought them for close to $200 a few years ago and even then I was super happy. IMHO $125 is a steal.

There seems to be an updated version for $200. I don’t know if there is a meaningful difference. Hard to imagine it being $75 better.


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13th Jul 2020

so i checked out the headphones (these right? https://www.amazon.com/AKG-Cancelling-Headphones-Wireless-Bluetooth/dp/B0721KKLB4 ) and they look to have trrs adapters (three bands on the 3.5mm connector). try using a set of headphones with just two bands and see if you get sound. trrs is used more so in portable devices, like mobile phones and personal recorders. (one band is an L channel, one is the R, and the third section is a mic). if you need to know what they look like, just google trs/trrs.

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11th Jun 2019

This is totally not what you asked for–it’s more expensive. But I have these and freaking love them, even in an airplane, and despite the dumb micro USB charging. The NC is very good and the sound quality is also very good. Keep an eye out for a sale, I have seen these as low as $150.


There is a wired version that is a lot less expensive but I do not know if the NC and audio quality are the same as the wireless version. If you can verify that to be the case, these would be a good choice if you can stretch the budget a little.