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AKG K 272 HD High-Definition Headphones?

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16th Feb 2016

Could try the AKG 272. If you’re willing to spend a little more, maybe the AKG 550.

The ATH-A900x don’t have the greatest sound isolation, but they are closed-backs and offer one of the better soundstages you can find for closed-backs.

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3rd Jan 2015

Ok. This is what I have:

Macbook Air

Mbox Pro with Pro Tools

Blue Bluebird Mic

AKG K 272 HD Headphones

(2)Mackie MR8mk3 Monitors

NOTE I know this is quite an investment, but it’s everything you’ll need and more to create all things music. All of these items are interchangeable so if anything looks too expensive or not your style please let me know. I’ll work with you to make sure you’re extremely satisfied. I have no benefit of helping you besides knowing you’ll be making quality projects. Hope this is a good starting point and please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional knowledge 🙂