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AKG Bluetooth Headphone Black (Y50BTBLK)?

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31st Mar 2017

Quick google search gave me some pretty decent reviews. Amazon link here if you want to read people’s reviews:


I would like a pair of bluetooth headphones for traveling but it’s not necessary for me at the moment.

I already have a 256gb SD card from the Note 7 promo, so I may sell it if I decide to go that route.

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16th Nov 2017

5.1 and 7.1 surround are just a gimmick, you only have two ears and when you’re using headphones you basically cancel out your ears ability to differentiate what elevation/direction a sound is coming from (this depends on the shape of your inner ear catching the soundwave and the soundwave bouncing off the folds in your ear at different times, your brain is tuned for your ear shape but headphones distort that, and they also bring the sound too close for the effect to really make a difference.)

Emulated surround is the best way to go with headphones since they’re so close to your ear, the emulator modifies the timing of these sounds so they hit the correct ear at the time they would have hit them if you heard the sound in the open air. Plus the audio driver size is so small in surround headphones that your audio quality is never going to be as good as a regular stereo set of headphones.

Anyway, given all that, there are a lot of options out there but I would look for something more music oriented rather than gaming. Many of the gaming headphones out there just throw together a cheap pair of drivers into a gimmicky device and charge more cause “teh gaming!”

I would check out some audio review websites for recommendations, I took a peek over at What HiFi and found these headphones that look pretty good for under $200.

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7th Nov 2017

i ended up getting a pair of these

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22nd Apr 2017

AKG has a pretty loyal fan base, especially in the audiophile realm. Still waiting on mine but, having had two other pairs of AKG’s I’m excited!

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19th Nov 2017

Curious how much cash they’d run me?
I have a pair of these BNIB in box as well if interested