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AK1980 Alarm Clock with Wake-up Light Sunrise Simulation and FM Radio Function for Kids Teens Aged Sportsman Worker Heavy Sleepers?

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24th Nov 2021

I have the exact same issue as you, right down to the watch needing charged haha.

I feel like the sun simulating light alarm clocks are hit and miss with people because sometimes they work really well and for others it doesn’t make a bit of difference. But for me, I have an alarm clock that gradually gets brighter and brighter until I’m basically facing direct sunlight unless I turn it off. It also turns on my alarm getting gradually louder because I’m the type of person who wakes up better if I’m woken up slowly.

I’ve found the light only makes a difference for me if my room is pitch black though. I had to buy blackout curtains after the time change so the dim light from my window didn’t make my alarm clock seem less bright.

This is the alarm clock I got that I find works well

Even if this doesn’t help you at all, I have my fingers crossed you can find something that works for you!

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3rd Nov 2021

I bought a sunrise alarm clock on Amazon a few years ago and I noticed it really helps me wake-up in the winter when it’s dark outside (in case you are looking for more tools in your arsenal)

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23rd Sep 2020

I got this one!
AK1980 Alarm Clock with Wake-Up Light Sunrise Simulation and FM Radio Function for Kids Teens Aged Sportsman https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B074QP723Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_wZ4AFb3APTASS

Fair warning the natural sounds aren’t the most calming so I usually use radio. It’s also got colourful lights for fun

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17th Jul 2020

I couldn’t find anyone recommending it in the thread, but I definitely suggest trying out a light alarm.

It gradually fades on in the morning and you can use a sound alarm as backup (I’ve only ever had that happen a small number of times when my light wasn’t connecting properly).

One option is to get something like this. Personally, I use some colored smart lights that I keep on during the day. I got some Philips hue bulbs and the hub, but I think there’s other good options like the ones from IKEA.

I think light alarms disturb REM sleep less than other alarm types, which goes well when paired with sleep apps that do something similar, and it removes that feeling of being annoyed at a certain sound. The main downside is making sure the sun doesn’t wake you up first.

Definitely a nicer way to get up, though, and, mornings really do feel a lot calmer in general, at least for me.